Extravagant Staircases by Bonansea Scale

These extravagant staircases by Bonansea Scale are raising this architectural element to new artistic heights. We have already seen that the creativity behind this contemporary Italian company with its unique wood-chip spiral staircase. Following suit, these sculptural, unusual staircases make a modern stately impression at first glance. With sculptures, brushed steel, glass and wood accents, this impressive staircase every room, spiral and straight shape or a combination of both, and include the integration of the landing railing adapted to be adjusted in its striking design. In the front foyer, this extravagant staircases to make a lasting impact.






3D Industrial Design: Incredible Metal & Glass Staircase

Stairs are a notorious point of tension between building code creators and trendy modern designers. Complex codes revolving around safety concerns can require everything from certain kinds of handrails to heavy-duty truss-like structural supports and often make it hard to create anything catering to a minimalist aesthetic.

That said, clever staircases like this Genetic Stair by Caliper Studiocan make the most of a difficult interior design situation. What was initially a complication became a great design opportunity – these stairs are now the structural and visual centerpiece of this otherwise minimally decorated Manhattan apartment.

The zig-zagging metal framework supporting the floating white stairs also distracts from the necessary glass to infill between the railings and treads – further enhancing the illusion that the rail bars are floating alone in space.




Integrated Countertop Staircase

This unique, open plan kitchen in Victoria, Australia is so open that the countertop is integrated directly into the staircase. The Tattoo House by Andrew Maynard Architects implemented many multi-functional and dual-purpose elements into a flexible living space.

Emmental Stairs by Biljana Jovanovic

Emmental ladder designed with equisite design. With its circular perforations, this staircase in a Budapest house by Croatian architect Biljana Jovanovic resembles a wedge of Swiss cheese.

Since it is centrally located in the apartment, it inevitably had to be treated as the focal points of the space. Its suspended encasement divides living room from dining room and kitchen. It provides certain level of intimacy without isolating these spaces.



Besides being used as the original function, a feature like this is also fun for the kids, because its design is unique and interesting for children. That’s because the project was named Stairs Emmental. It is expected that these steps can also develop creativity and enhance children’s imaginations.

Spiral Rainbow Staircase Design

These surprising and disparate elements unite into one composition around a central spiral staircase. This bespoke fiberglass and steel fabrication passes through the full spectrum of the rainbow as it rises through the house. At each storey, its hue spreads out and influences the color of that floor, creating a visual rhythm on a vertical axis. Sun pours down through skylights at the very top of the house, drenching the staircase in light and bringing it to life. via Ab Rogers Design.